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Subject: Camp Conversion Part 2 by StripscottCAMP CONVERSION
Part 2
Written by Stripscott based on a true account by Nivram When we reached the door, my unseen captor turned sideways to it
and reached for the handle with his left hand, his right still firmly
holding my arm tightly behind my back. Then, with a quick thrust, he shoved
the door open. In almost the same movement, he turned and pushed me forward
through the open gap, propelling me inside the boathouse and lolicon pic vid following
quickly himself.
I have a frozen picture recollection of what I saw at that
moment. It is imprinted on my memory as the second at which my life started
to change. It is accompanied by the echoing of the sound of the door
slamming shut behind me, sealing me in to my fate and cutting off my escape
from these young men whom I had seen behaving in such a depraved manner.
The boathouse was basically a store for the canoes and other water
craft which would be used on the lake for the duration of the Camp. They
were all stacked neatly around the sides, but in the middle there was a
large open space where any damaged vessels could be repaired or craft laid
out ready to be taken onto the water. There were big double doors at the
far end which gave access to the lake.
Dan, Mike and Al had been conducting their depraved acts at the
nearer end of this open space, but, in my mental image of that moment, they
weren't doing anything. They were frozen in shock, transfixed, naked bodies
lewdly on display. The noise and our forceful entry had surprised and
paralysed them. Dan was on his knees with Mike's cock top loli pics still deep in his
mouth whilst Al had moved behind Mike to spread his ass cheeks apart. Al's
face was barely inches from preteen nymphette loli Mike's crack, his intention obvious, but
sickening to me.
The scene, as I say lasted a bare moment. Then my arm was released
and I was sent stumbling into the open space.
"Look what I found spying on you," said a voice from behind me as
the tableau in front broke up. 16 yo underage loli Mike and Al reached down quickly and tugged
up their bathing trunks. Dan reached over to where his lay and rapidly
pulled them on. In a matter of seconds, their three cocks were covered, if
not actually hidden. Their rigidity and hardness had not passed. Each
outline of the evidence of manhood bulged obscenely.
"Stu!" Dan gasped first. "I thought he was asleep," he declared to
the others.
There was no surprise at the presence of my captor, so I assumed
that he was also there to indulge his baser appetites, but had arrived
"What are you doing here?" Dan half-shouted, turning back to me.
I swivelled with the intention of trying to make a run for it, but
I was quickly grabbed again and held fast. I did, however, get my first
glimpse of the latecomer. I recognised him as another Senior Counsellor by
the name of John. He'd worked a lot with Dan and me over the last three
days and I knew he was 19.
It was shocking to me, in that moment to realise that he was two
inches shorter than me, but clearly so much stronger and fitter at about
180 pounds. In his hands I had been as helpless as putty.
Quickly I was forced down onto my knees and Mike stepped forward to
grasp my chin in his right hand.
"How long have you been out there?" he demanded.
Dan stepped up beside him and pulled Mike's hand off me. I
automatically rubbed my cheeks where his fingers had dug in.
"How long?" Dan insisted. "What have you seen?"
A sudden sense of righteousness, bravado and indignation at my
treatment overcame me at that point, a moment I was to regret deeply.
"I've seen what you three have been doing and it's disgusting. You
should be seriously punished for this behaviour and expelled from the
Camp. Believe me, I'm going to report your queer activities to the Camp
Director first bbs lolifuck thing tomorrow morning. I'm sure he'll be appalled at what
you've nn loli board been up to."
Mike turned red in the face and reached back to swing a punch at my
head, but Dan stopped him. I lolit com saw that Al, in contrast to his brother, had
gone quite white and was shaking a little. Obscurely, I also noticed, more
because of my eye-level than anything else, that those manly erections in
their trunks had all subsided somewhat. Discovery, potential revelation and
humiliation, not to mention the implied threat of legal action were having
a sobering effect.
"That won't do any good," Dan barked at Mike. "You'll only give him
more ammunition."
"We need to do something," Mike retorted angrily.
"Agreed, but we need to think what."
"Tie him up," said John, "and then we can talk."
My spirits suddenly began to droop. I realised how stupid I'd been
to threaten them in that way. There were serious consequences to their
actions and now they couldn't afford to have me blabbing about it all over
camp. It wasn't just a matter of their reputations, although that would be
bad enough. A shudder ran little loli thumbs
through my body.
Rope was readily available all around and my wrists were seized and
held firmly behind my back whilst rope was looped around securely fastening
them together. There was an upright pillar nearby which supported part of
the roof and I was then tied to that ensuring that I had no ability to
escape. As a final measure, a piece of old rag was stuffed in my mouth to
act as a gag, not that lolits teen anyone could have heard me this far from camp.
The four of them then moved off to the far end to sit in a huddle
and discuss my fate.
Whilst they chatted I was forced to endure my mind speculating on
my possible demise and I became frightened. What was the obvious thing to
do with someone who needs to be silenced? How would they do it? Sweat was
already dripping down my face and my stomach felt hollow. I was convinced
that I had seen daylight for the last time in my life.
Finally, after much muttering and the occasional raised voice,
there was a general murmur of consensus. Slowly they stood and looked over
at me. Dan, Mike and Al started towards me lolit com
whilst John disappeared to the
right where I knew the small office to be. The trio approached slowly and
with an air of menace. I began to shake uncontrollably.
They stopped in front of me in a slight arc and seemed to be
appraising me like predators sizing up their next meal. They waited like
this, in silence, until John rejoined them. He was carrying a camera which
I knew was kept in the office to take pictures of water-sport and lakeside
events. The films were processed on camp in a small darkroom, photography
being another of the promoted activities.
At last, Mike broke the silence.
"So you think we're disgusting, do you?"
I vigorously shook my head in denial, unable to speak because of
the preteen nymphette loli gag, wishing to retract my earlier outburst.
"What do you know about it?" demanded Al. "Ever tried it?"
I shook my head again.
"Perhaps you should," said John in a low, teen lolia sex video
almost threatening
voice. "I think he should be made to try it," he announced to the
others. "What do you reckon?"
"He can't do it like portal young loli that," said Al. "He's all dressed and
"Oh, I think we can take care of that small matter," Dan
responded. "What do you think, Stu? Ready to join in our games?"
Once more, I shook my head violently.
"I don't think he's very keen," John observed.
"Never mind. We're going to give him all the help and encouragement
he needs," Dan replied.
John free loli pic sample
stepped forward.
"So Stu. We're going to show you a good time. We're all going to
have some fun with you. When we've finished, we'll see how keen you are to
tell the Camp Director, or anyone else for that matter, about
extra-curricular activities in this boathouse at night."
Al joined John, right in lolits modells front of me.
"Just so you know what is to be expected, in a moment, we'll untie
you, then, because you clearly don't lesbian lolicon doujinshi
want to, we'll have to get you ready
by stripping off your clothes. Once totally naked, you'll be ready for our
... games."
Mike was next.
"Tonight you're going to undergo a whole new experience such as
you've never had in your life before. You are going to satisfy our
... desires and we will keep a careful record of everything that happens to
you, so that you'll have something to remember it by."
John raised the camera.
At last, Dan stepped into the arc around me.
"I thought you were cute when I first saw you, but never thought I
get the chance to have go with you. Now you've offered yourself to all of
us, we going to make full use of all you've got."
The trembling that had started when the meeting broke up had
worsened. As they'd started to speak, it slowly dawned on me that they
didn't intend to kill me after all, but then I began to understand the
implications of what they were saying. I suddenly realised that I was going
to be forced to participate in their kind of games. I was their victim and
they were going to sexually abuse me as they wished. The full horror
breaking over me, I couldn't make my mind contemplate how far they intended
to take their intended perversions. And it was all going to be
Abject fear made me mumble into my gag.
"I think he's trying to say something," John remarked
casually. "Shall we listen to his opinion on our proposals?"
The other three nodded, grinning widely, and John reached out to
tug the rag from my mouth. My words came out in a rush.
"Look guys. I'm not like that. I don't do ... anything. Hey! I
didn't mean anything. I won't tell. Promise. You do what you like with each
other. I don't care. I'll just stay in my bunk asleep at night from now
on. Let me go, huh? Leave me alone? I'll keep quiet. The Camp Director
won't hear anything from me. Your secret's safe. Let me go. Please, let me
If it were possible, their smiles grew wider.
"If we let you go now, Stu," said Dan quietly, "you'd miss the fun
we've got planned for you and we'd miss everything we're looking forward
to. A bit of virgin male ... you are a virgin, aren't you?"
I gazed at him in helpless terror. I knew I was a virgin as far as
girls were concerned; I had never thought about being a virgin to boys. And
I had some idea of how that kind youngest loli nude models of virginity was lost, an idea which dried
my mouth and set my heart beating at several times its normal rate. My lips
moved soundlessly.
"He's a virgin!" Mike announced. "Bet he's never even got inside a
girl's pants."
"But we're going to get into his!" Al exclaimed. "Let's get
"Nooooo!" I found my voice, but I knew all protests would be
futile. bbs dark loli tgp These four had decided my fate and now they were gleefully going to
carry out the sentence.
Quickly knots were undone on the ropes gratis lolicon fotos and I was momentarily free,
but hands held me tightly.
"Don't do this. Please stop. I don't ... not me. I'm not ... loli sex photo
god! No! Let me go! Stopppp! Not that ... Not my ... ahhhh!"
I shouted and struggled to no avail. They were stripping me
I felt hands tugging at my tee shirt, pulling it up my
body. Meanwhile, my sneakers were being unlaced, loosened and yanked off my
feet. Nails scratched my ankles as my white socks were similarly removed. A
belt secured my shorts, but not for much longer. I felt fingers unbuckling
it as my tee shirt was pulled up over my head, temporarily blinding me. By
the time my tee shirt was being slid along my arms for final removal, my
belt had been yanked from its loops.
"Oh no. Oh please. No more. Don't take my shorts off. Pleeeeese. Oh
Fingers eagerly sought preteen nymphette loli
the button at my waist and undid it. My fly
buttons were quickly unfastened one by one and then my gaping shorts were
relentlessly hauled down my legs and off my struggling body to be tossed
out of sight.
"Oh shit." I couldn't help reverting to what I considered to be
profanity. The situation warranted it. I had only a pair of white
underpants left to provide me with a vestige of dignity. I had to try to
save them, but knew I had no hope.
"Get off me. Leave me alone. Please let me go. I won't say
anything. My clothes. Please let me have my clothes back. I can't be
naked. No!! Please!!"
I tried to grip the waistband of my underpants as firmly as
possible, but stronger hands than mine pried my fingers loose and pulled my
arms way from my body. I was stretched out and totally vulnerable. I wonder
now how enticing I must have looked to them like that, the secret areas
they wanted access to protected by only a thin layer of white cloth.
But not for much longer!
It was Dan who reached down and took hold of the sides of my
underwear. He exerted gentle pressure and they started to slide down.
"Oh god ... nnnnoooooo," I moaned.
Inexorably they continued their journey of exposure. First my
fairly hairy pubes were revealed and then the base of my cock. As the
material dipped more and more, the shaft of my cock gradually came into
view, ultimately to be totally unveiled and on full display along with my
balls. It was still flaccid.
"Oh god ... please ... noo"
I shut my eyes as I felt the material linger just after my full
exposure and then it was quickly whisked down my legs and removed.
I had been overpowered, stripped stark naked and was about to
become the play thing of four randy young men who clearly knew exactly how
they were going to use my vulnerable and available body.
To be continued...
Author: Stripscott
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